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About us.

 RSTMEX is a 100% Mexican company in the heart of Mexico, Aguascalientes. We have a diverse team made of designers, architects and engineers. 

RST is much more than a company ...
It is an idea that integrates all facets of the real estate process, seeking extreme optimization in all phases. 
Design and Construction merge in such a way that simplicity in forms and construction processes create a result that optimizes all resources, be they human, economic, material, energetic or technological. 
That is why we try to have control in all phases, from the initial design, through the development of the projects, to the final construction, in which we manufacture our own materials, elements and construction systems. 
We firmly believe that this comprehensive way of understanding real estate development will produce an enormous benefit in many ways, both for our clients, due to the undoubted economic savings, and for our planet, since our processes are oriented towards saving resources and the minimum impact on the environment. 

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