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About RST 


Real Solutions Technologies

"Always Innovating"

RST was founded in 2010 and started with an order for 650 kits for one room schoolhouse projects for the Chiapas Government, then went on to build a 25,000 FT2 RST Manufacturing facility in Aguascalientes, Mexico with startup capital from himself and a couple of friends. The facility was itself built with the RST System, and manufactures the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) ICF wall blocks, Foam Lite roof panels,  lightweight steel joists, and also proprietary stucco coatings. The plant has a capacity of over 100,000 Sq Ft of construction materials per month. The RST System has been used to build 900+ buildings and 1,000,000+ Sq Ft of materials has been produced.  The goal for resiliency, energy efficiency, optimization of resources, environmental responsibility, cost efficiency, simplicity, and adaptability has been achieved. Please see our website downloads and contact us for more information.  

Our Management Team

Areas of Experience and Expertise 

Design and fabrication of Equipment and Machinery 

Design and Building of Manufacturing Plants   

Design of Products.   

Production Lines   

Equipment Automation   

Tooling Design and Fabrication  

Implementation of Lean Manufacturing   

Owner of 8 patents in Mexico, 3 Patents Pending in United States

25 years working in the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) industry, a key material in building green energy efficient homes. Accomplishments include designing and building custom EPS equipment, EPS plant design and construction as well as expertise in molding tool design, maintenance of equipment, hiring and training staff and managing customer expectations to meet their stringent demands. 

Meet The Team

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