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RST Associates

RST provides manufacturer direct solutions to the construction industry by way of direct shipments to project locations. RST makes entire system kits for ADU's, Affordable Homes, Multifamily, Commercial and Industrial projects. Rapid Construction, Energy Efficiency, Calamity resilient structures, are at the forefront of the RST process.

Contact us to and be a LICENSEE, Regional Operator, Joint Venture partner, or Sales Associate. 

What Our Clients Say

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Juan Carlos Perez Amaro

I am in the hospitality business, and I built my last 40 room hotel using the RST System. I saved over 30% and built the hotel in half the time that we used to using traditional building systems, and the hotel is very energy efficient as well as substantial savings on maintenance.  

Since then, we have used RST to build everything..... 

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